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The FTC Should Adopt Comprehensive Policy Rules

Today, Demand Progress Education Fund filed a comment in response to the Federal Trade Commission’s Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on practices related to commercial surveillance and data security. Our full comments can be found in PDF format here.

In addition, below is a statement on our submission from Demand Progress Education Fund Legal Director Ginger Quintero-McCall:

“For too long companies, especially Big Tech companies, have operated with impunity, violating user privacy and harming competition with few meaningful repercussions. We urge the Federal Trade Commission to adopt comprehensive privacy rules based on well-respected and widely-adopted privacy principles: strictly limiting collection and sharing of personal information, informing users of what information is being collected about them and how it is being used, allowing users to access and correct information that is stored about them, and requiring that companies properly secure personal information that they collect. These rules would return control to users and disincentivize many of the worst online business practices – practices which harm not only users, but society, the economy, and democracy at large.”